Thursday, June 15, 2017

Quick and Short about Moisturiser

Assalamualaikum and hi,
What is the properties of a moisturiser and how does moisturiser form? Maybe you can get a little idea to get a suitable moisturiser for your skin. Even me still trying and testing a few moisturisers.

Properties of Moisturiser
  1. Humectant  - works by attracting humidity from surrounding. Effective with lower percentage. Berkesan pada lower percentage. Example: glycerin, butleyne glycol, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, urea, sodium hyaluronate, honey etc
  2. Emollient - smooths and soften the skin surface. Filling the spaces in the surface skin and binding the skin cells back. Example: fatty acids, ceramides, squalene, jojoba oil, any light oils
  3. Occlusive - trap all the moisture (humectant and emollient). This is what makes your skin look greasy. Example: Mineral oil, petrolatum, beeswax, lanolin, olive oil, shea butter.

Choosing a suitable moisturiser
  • Dry skin - Use moisturiser that rich with emollients and occlusive to keep your skin well-hydrated and moisturised. 
  • Oily skin - Good humectant and emollient helps control the oil production. Too much occlusive makes oily skin suffocated.
  • Follow skintype is not enough. Surrounding, weather and humidity also play important role. Me as people who live in a tropical country, need humectant and some emollient based moisturiser. If you stay in the air conditioner room for a long time, you need an occlusive. AC will dry your skin out.
  • Or you just apply any type of moisturiser according to what your skin behave that day.
  • For acne prone skin, you can choose moisturiser full with ceramides, oil-free, non comodegenic, no mineral oil. You can read here for further info. 

How to layering?
After washing, first apply humectant (hydrating toner, essence, serum) onto the skin, then the emollient rich product (serum, ampoule, emulsion, milk), finally you can apply occlusive based moisturiser to seal all the moisture. You have to consider from thinner to thickest. More thicker moisturiser you have, more occlusive they have. You need to avoid apply occlusives directly onto the skin, it will make your skin more dehydrated. Labmuffin has explained so well here.

I will share review on moisturiser I am currently using.
That's all. Bye, wassalam.


  1. Assalamualaikum, firstly gud job sister on discussing skincare in malaysian context. I find that most malaysians including me of course, tend to follow the skincare hype koreans practice. Which as uve rightly pointed out in ur previous entries is not suitable to our climate and weather. But i would like to know why the fondness towards hada labo' skincare as compared to another popular and affordable like cosrx? I for one use quite a bit of cosrx products like the aha/bha toner, bha power liquid and the oil free ultra moisturising lotion. It is a hit or miss thing for me and i still struggle with hormonal acne daily not just the regular monthly one (sigh), so what is different with hado labo compared to other asian brands?

    1. Waalaikumussalam, thanks for reading my blog. I have already list the points in previous post why I use so much hada labo product.

      Hada Labo is just basic, mild skincare and perfectly for beginner. And it comes from big pharmaceutical company, rohto mentholatum which has high reputation for medicinal drug thingy. HL products are easily access, HL is everywhere even in supermarket like Giant, Tesco, AEON. I am not a person who like online shopping. I like buy product offline so I can read their label, ingredient list, check the packaging, better if they has tester.

      Each skincare has their own strong points, same goes to cosrx. COSRX is a good brand but most of their products are not readily available in our country. I have use COSRX Galactomyces whitening Essence but the perfomance is just so-so. I have tried numerous Korean beauty product but never have a luck with them. About your hormonal acne, I don't think you should use BHA too much. Just focus on cleanse and moisturise. The moisture barrier need to be strenghten first before introducing for acid treatment.