Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My thoughts on Malaysian (Local) Skincare

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Before I am going to open my cleansing routine entry, I would like to share about my thoughts on Malaysian (local) skincare.

As we know, Malaysia has tons of skincare created for Malaysian skin, some of them are failure. Just a few of them can be found in drugstore, example, Simplysiti which most products are formulated in South Korea. Most our skincare products that based on Japanese formulation can get passed into drugstore (remember Eversoft). I remember Syahirah, Shurah, Alaisyah.. but it seems this brands are going to discontinued soon. People always thought Safi is a local brand but it is not. Safi are based from India, the same company with Fair & Lovely. I once used one set of Safi Balqis range line (before Kiwi is added) and it was good and did not break me out. Lastly, Nutox is also a local brand. Sounds really fascinating and internatonal-like. I thought it was Japanese/western brand. But still it is actually joint-based with Japanese technology.

What about Local Skincare that has been sell online or in kedai/kiosk Jamu?
Kedai/kiosk jamu are shops/permanent booths which sell a lots of newbie/infamous beauty products. Products that cannot passed to sell in drugstore. As long they have permission from KKM (Ministry of Health), they can sell in here. This is the place to train newbie entrepreneur to sell their beauty products. Because there are a lots of procedure like testing out in the lab for safety and need to produce million units to sell in drugstore/store.

I also have experienced with online local product. Local products give positive reaction while using it. You can feel your skin so flawless and glowing without make up. But the worst thing is majority of them has rebound effect. You cannot stop using it until you die. Majority owner always think: just put all the natural things in that products and tadaa! 'Our products are really natural, organics and chemical-free'. Please slap yourself if you found this tagline. One more thing, about 'halal' thingy thing. I think we always heard 'Our products are 100% made by Muslim'. I am kind of sad with this. Made by Muslim but they claim 'This skincare is suitable for all skin types, you can get flawless in 3 days'. And then, when it is not doing what it claims, can I say that this is not what Islam taught us? Breaking promise. I met one product in Watsons called Kanebo Freshel, it says on the packaging 'Maybe not suitable for all skin types'. I think people also always found this warning on skincare products label in drugstore: 'Please stop if irritation occurs'. You can see the differences between skincare products sell in store and kedai jamu/online.

I want to talk about the formulation-wise. Most of the owners are just business minded. They don't even know what is in their product. As long, they get a lots of money and sell, it is enough.

Sunblock ingredients from a local brand

This is one from the famous Malaysian skincare products that has been around about 2-3 years. When I looked at the ingredients list for sunblock, my mind just popped up, is this really a sunblock? I don't find any sunscreen agent. What I know, alpha arbutin- lightening agent; vitamin b3- also known as niacin is a healing agents; pennywort extract - this herbs claims can heal disease (what is this doing here); licorice exctract - can healing eczema; sodium chloride - salt, thickening/flavoring agent/preservatives; aqua is just water; methyl propane diol - a solvent; cyclopantamethicone - silicone as a humectant. Where is the sunscreen agent? I did not even found any chemical sunscreen agent. They can rename this as healing cream and also can be use even better at night.

Product from WR empire.

WR empire is one of the Malaysian skincare brand that use homeopathy. I like their tomato soap, it is just made from tomato and rosewater. No colorant, no fragrance, no oils. What make me cringe the most with this brand is the price. The prices are ridiculous. Corrector cream oil is RM40 for 8g? I have bought this once, then finishing one tube and disappointed because it was doing nothing. It was not healing at all. But a lots of my friends like it and does wonder to their skin. Repurchase? Of course not. It just contains cocoa butter and almond oil. You can just buy those ingredients in store.

Until now, I did not found any good local skincare that comes from kedai jamu. Inform me if you know. Only Sendayu Tinggi can get passed to sell in Watsons. Still, I don't think their skincare is good but their makeup line is nice.

Final thought
Our skincare becomes better when joint or based with overseas company. Especially when joining with Japanese or Korean company. We know they are really good in cosmetics technology. I found that skincare product in drugstore/store/outlet are much cheaper. I will be really angry if I buy an expensive product and it does nothing. Lastly, skincare products depends on a person's skin, every skins' are unique. Important thing is being wise while choosing.

I have to go, thanks for reading and correct me if I'm wrong
Bye, Wassalam~

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