Saturday, February 13, 2016

J-Dorama: Ouroboros (First 2 Episode review)

Assalamualaikum and hi!
I was wandering on KissAnime to find some anime to watch but there are nothing interest me. I didn't read any anime review or having effort to lookup what is the 'hottest' anime for this season. Just look at the anime title and poster photo make me cringe. Wtf with the sushi police? Sekkou boys? Naruto? Err, I've unfollowed naruto 9 years ago. Last anime I watched was One punch man for the first few episodes. I think it's quite good.

Then, I remembered I have a drama that I want to follow. It is called Ouroboros. I thought Ouroboros was Japanese words but it was Greek. Means a dragon ate its own tail.

Drama teaser
Drama started with two little boys, Ikuo and Tatsuya who lost their caretaker. They were living in an orphanage who own by a beautiful lady like me (perasan je) aka their caretaker. One night, their caretaker was killed. This two boys made promise to avenge their caretaker's death. This is how it works, Ikuo is working as a detective and Tatsuya is a yakuza. They found out the people who killed their caretaker are the elitist of the elite. It means they are super rich person which they could settle anything with money. Of course this two guys could not win over the elitist. So, both of them working hard to get on top over of this elites. Ikuo find opportunity and do anything to get promotion. For Tatsuya, I don't really understand what's he doing. People said he is doing business underworld. He owns a host club, checking stocks here and there. I don't know what stocks he checking though. I'm sure this Tatsuya guy is on the justice side. He always help Ikuo settling his case.

Main female character is not in spotlight for this first 2 episodes. She is a detective and Ikuo's colleague. Daughter of the Chief Inspector. That Chief Inspector looks like he is important person in the district. I suspect her father is one of the elites and involved with the kill. Huehue

This is how the case settled
The series have detectives-yakuza-killing-elites. Connect the dots and I can conclude this is just a detective dorama with weak plots of crime. Plots for the crime in each episodes are really loose. Each crime is settle by these two bros (Ikuo and Tatsuya), then they end it with a slogan. Kind of boring for the first episodes. I'll try continue to watch a few more episodes, maybe it will be getting interesting. who knows.

This is the problem when I get involve in drama/anime series. I am often getting bored for the first few episodes. But I still give chances to watch another episodes to see whether it is still relevant or not. LOL. One of the reasons I am attracted to this drama because of the actors, Ueno Juri and Shun Oguri. I saw my two favourite actors on same teaser, how can I ignore this.

I've finished my review on this 2 episodes of this drama. If you want to watch Ouroboros, you can watch it on KissAsian.

Oh, I forgot to tell, I just watched Shingeki no Kyojin Live Action movie. I have one word for this movie : DISASTER! No need review and not recommended.
This is totally honest review.



  1. same with me, normally i just watched the first few episodes & tell people how good it is & then after that i get bored & stop watching. LOL